12 Tips to Explain Gaps in Your Employment History

Image Credits: opinium.co.uk

Having to write a resume is hard enough, but now you find yourself trying to explain some significant gaps in your employment history. While they may be easily explained to your immediate family, trying to pull this off to your new employer is a different story.

If there is a gap, you must be prepared to discuss the reason with potential employers. They will definitely be wondering, and the lack of an explanation could get you screened out of the hiring process before you ever get a chance to meet with the company.

Here are some ideas for making the best of those tricky situations.

1Use a functional resume format

It is recommended you use what’s called a functional resume format: a specific resume style that takes the focus away from your actual work history and instead focus on your abilities and accomplishments and additionally clarifying your key work experience. By structuring your CV in this way, gaps in career history are less obvious to the reader, and typically contains alternative sections such as Key Accomplishments, Career Highlights, Relevant Experience, Key Skills, etc