Account Manager Job Description, Roles and Skills

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Account Manager Job Description Explanation

Account Manager is required in a business to maintain and retain clients when there are a lot of clients who need to be retained. He is the one who is the face of the organization for a particular client or a group of clients. He has to always depend on his caliber to get to the grasp of more and more clients for his company and more so for himself.

Account Manager Job Responsibilities:

An Account Manager is also sometimes known as the Key Account Manager or a Strategic Account Manager. He is responsible to maintain a customer’s life cycle with the organization taking care of all spheres of his requirement. He has to be considerate to all requirements that the client might have.

  • He has to maintain productive relationships with the concerned personnel from the clients’ office
  • He has to be in touch with the client for all the requirements and needs providing complete support
  • He has to ensure that the targets assigned to him are met
  • He also needs to ensure financial balances across the client and the company by monitoring the payments and deliveries effectively
  • He also has to be proactive in tracking more clientele for the company that he could bask in his pipeline to maintain
  • He also needs to be solution oriented with a collaborative bent of mind for all his clients
  • He should periodically assess the clients’ requirements and ensure that there are no issues cropping up against the organization

Account Manager Skill Sets:

An Account Manager needs to be patient as is asserted from his job responsibilities. He has to have a lot of skills as listed below:

  • Customer orientation is a must. He must ensure at all times to practice a cohesive customer friendly behavior to all his client representatives. At no time shall he engage in any kind of disturbing behavior with them
  • He should focus on meeting the ends. He should always ensure that the customer goes satisfied with the company and its way to handle him. There should not be any grey area where the customer felt stranded
  • He should understand confidentiality norms and should abide by it at all times
  • He should be entirely aware of accounting policies and should be able to comprehend it at required times
  • He should be good at relationship building
  • Should possess excellent communication skills
  • Should have an eye for detail
  • Has to have idea about legal compliances and procedures

Desired Account Manager Qualifications

  • Graduate in Commerce or an Accountancy/Finance related discipline
  • Some background in Marketing and Sales is preferred

Account Manager Career and Salary Scope

Career Scope

Every business has clients and is going to develop more and more clients and therefore, there would always be a requirement of an account manager to manage and retain the clients. It is therefore, a very good career prospect.

Salary Scope

An experienced account manager would start ideally with 5,00,000 – 8, 00,000 package for his experience of over 4-5 years. If someone has more than 6-7 years of experience, the Account Manager would fetch above 10,00,000 easily.