Brand Manager Job Description, Roles And Skills

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A Brand Manager is someone responsible for the building the brand image of a company. There are very successful people who have worked as Brand Managers for many companies who have done a lot to bring these companies to a renowned level.

There has been a lot said and done in bringing the image of a company to the limelight and these Brand Managers are therefore at a very respectable position in their respective organizations. They are considered quite important and are known to be a useful resource to any organization.

Brand Manager Responsibilities:

If a brand or a company’s name or an advertisement is what appeals you about the company, you would definitely realize that the brand manager has been successful. A successful brand campaign is very much the brain child of a brand manager. They usually report to a Chief Marketing Officer who has other responsibilities apart from marketing operations.

  • Their prime responsibility lies in executing the marketing campaigns for the products
  • They are also responsible for driving the growth of the market for the brand and all the products under its umbrella
  • Usually brand managers have a team of creative designers and marketers who are responsible for promoting the products and the brand on the field
  • Brand Manager needs to provide the planning and leadership to the marketing team so that they could enact their roles
  • The Brand Manager also needs to be well versed with forecasting and other market estimates that need to be known before making projections
  • New opportunities and markets need to be explored by the brand manager and the brand image needs to be built afresh in every new area
  • Keeping track on future market trends that could influence the market today and products’ market in future
  • Also monitoring the competitors’ and their brand campaigns so as to not lag behind

Brand Manager Skill set:

  • A Brand Manager needs to be excellent in communication skills
  • He has to be very patient while dealing with the clients
  • There has to be a market research potential in the Brand Manager for effectively seeking his target market
  • Well versed with online marketing, internet and digital advertising
  • Knowledge of CRM, Affiliate marketing, e-commerce and retail
  • Analytical skills are also required to be known
  • Good at presentation skills

Brand Manager Qualifications:

  • Any Graduate
  • Postgraduate Specialization in Marketing
  • Any suitable experience or qualification in branding or product development

Brand Manager Career and Salary Scope:

Career Scope:

Brand Managers are very useful to any organization and it is very much required to hire good brand managers who can handle the brand image of a company well. The career graph of brand managers goes to levels like Marketing and Branding heads post promotion.

Salary Scope:

Brand Managers are usually hired at good packages of 8, 00,000 – 9, 00,000 per annum when they are 5-7 years of experience. These are raised to over 10, 00,000 after an experience of over 9-10 years. There is a lot of growth in this profile which grows to levels of Brand Head or Marketing Director or Marketing Head of a company.