Business Development Manager Job Description, Roles And Skills

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Business Development Manager is surely the backbone of any company’s sales strategy. He is the one looked upon as the forerunner for any business to continue on a successful path. He has to be the face of the company at various industry events, conferences and other external events.

Business Development Manager- Job Description

A business Development Manager is expected to act as the catalyst in driving the business along the goal for the company. He is required to understand and emphasize the importance of sales to his team of sales personnel and lead the company to achieve its targets. He is responsible for identifying new opportunities for the business, evaluating the same in the light of the company’s vision and then finally get it implemented by convincing the management.

Business Development Manager: Key Responsibilities

  • Conducting Market research to identify the prospective areas for business development
  • Tracking growth of the business vis-à-vis the industry and taking requisite actions in collaboration with the management
  • Managing the company’ brand image and industry positioning at all times
  • Identifying and screening the viable deals for the company thereby conducting extensive research on its compatibility to the company’s goals
  • Ensuring a smooth run of the company’s transition goals from one phase t another in the event of adjusting the goals
  • Participating in the defining the goals for the company
  • Ensure a smooth run with the market department so that there is no confusion in the goals and targets assigned and the actions taken for business development
  • Allocating budget for marketing and business development activities
  • Keeping complete liaison between the functional departments

Business Development Manager: Key Skills

  • Knowledge about the industry
  • Good networking skills required to build professional relations and to retain them
  • Marketing and sales orientation to enable smooth business development
  • Impeccable energy levels
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good convincing power
  • Ability to reach the targets
  • Capability to motivate the employees
  • Good presentation skills
  • Good understanding of business concepts

Business Development Manager: Educational Qualifications

  • MBA from a reputed institute is usually preferred
  • IIT/IIM pass outs receive preference over others

Business Development Manager: Career and Salary Scope

Career Scope:

This role definitely is required to maintain a shield of competency and fighting spirit in the organisation. The role demands a lot of commitment towards the organization and the individual doing that is seen with high regard.

Salary Scope:

The person is usually hired as a Business Development Manager when he is at an experience of above 5 years in business development. The salary packages are quite high along with commissions paid in most organizations over and above salaries for the business these people bring to the company. The packages range from INR 2, 50,000 – 15, 00,000 per month depending on the level of experience you are at.

A lot of impetus is laid on this role and whosoever applies to this position must be confident enough to be able to do justice to this role in all senses.