Content writer Job Description And Skills

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Content writer Job description: Why content writer?

It’s content now, Experts says “content is king”. The digital media is producing over 2 millions of fresh new contents over internet every single day. This shows the importance for content writers. Any kind of online presence will need a content writer. This post not only speaks about the content writer job description, Also What a content writer should be capable of. A web content writer will normally do research over internet for any topic he is writing. He or she may refer ten to twenty blogs, PDF, News, and web dictionaries like wiki.

Will this be really enough to be a great content writer?

Absolutely not!

This post will explain What are the additional knowledge and skills a content writer must have to stand out from crowd.

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Job responsibility of a content writer:

  • He / She will write and write all the time
  • Write high quality great and right content
  • Writing contents for blog, webpages, press releases, presentations, news, magazine, brochures, flyers, banners, AD copies, Email copies, whitepapers, PDFs, books, tutorial contents, responding to social media questionnaires, Infographic content, frame an attractive content topics and more which depends on the place of work.
  • Write product or brand descriptions, support materials and more
  • Responsible for rewriting, editing and proof reading existing contents.

Content Writer Skills:

  • English Proficiency: He/She must have a great English grammar knowledge.
  • Knowledge on Synonyms: This would be a great skill for any kind of copy writing.
  • Understanding SEO: A web content writer must have a base knowledge on how search engine works to provide a high quality content.
  • Ability to do Research: Must be able to research over online and offline to write a unique more informative content.
  • Creativity: Should be capable of writing creative contents that can drive more social shares and likes that can go viral.
  • Team Player Skill: Should be a team player, understand and co-operate with other team members to know their content expectation. 

Additional Skills to stand out from the crowd:

Content writer will improve his writing when he has these set of other skill sets

  • Doing Keyword Research: Should have basic knowledge on doing keyword research from google adwords, or any other online keyword research web based tool. This will help in choosing the content topics.
  • Finding Trending Topics: Should be able to find trending topics from google trends, twitter, facebook or any other online tools like Buzzsumo.
  • Identify Target Audience: Must know the target audience to write a high quality great content.
  • Analyze Niche Related Topics: This replica breitling will also help to identify the right topic for content. Content writer must be able to identify what the niche related bloggers are tend to share.

Desired Educational Qualification: 

  • An Under graduation (BA, BSC, B.COM, BBA, B.TECH) is must with or without any post-graduation.
  • English literate is preferable.
  • BA English and journalism are preferable.

Common writing profiles in content writing:

  • Web content writer
  • Web copy writer – AD, E-mail
  • Article / blog writer
  • Creative writer
  • Research writer
  • Travel writer
  • Ghost writer
  • Proof reader / Rewriter
  • Translator

Salary and Career Scope:

Salary for fresher are always based on industry standards

Usual salary range for a content writer is from INR 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 PA. Based on experience and creativity content writers get pay for up to maximum of INR 12,00,000 PA.

Career scope for a breitling replica web content writer is huge

Content writer with above said additional skills can transform themselves into a content marketing head where knowledge of content distribution platform and campaign setup knowledge is also required.