Data Analyst Job Description, Roles And Responsibilities

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A Data Analyst is a trained professional who has a knowledge to handle huge data right from its accumulation to its processing. With the aim to analyze the data in perspective of the business of the organization, the data analyst has to see and read the data throughout to pick out a meaning. He should be able to make out the right sense of the data and raise an alarm through various permutations and combinations of data points.

Data Analyst Job Description – Explained

Usually a Data Analyst has to analyze the data in close proximity with what is happening already within the organization and then decide on the importance of a particular data point for the business. Since the head of the business or other concerned authorities are usually tied up on other things, it is important for the Data Analyst to be really good with concepts as per business and be able to confidently present it in front of the management.

Data Analyst Responsibilities

Since Data Analyst is the one who is going to learn about the risk associated first, he should be confident enough to analyze it and proactively point it towards the management for necessary actions.

  • A Data Analyst should be confident in probing the data effectively
  • A sound understanding of the data is required
  • Needs to be proficient enough in finding the meaning and movement of the data trends
  • Analyzing the data required with more sense of business ethics towards expansion, contraction of business or change of strategy
  • Making data interpretations about the industry and the company and raising alarms wherever required
  • Keeping management in loop about the trends through timely reports
  • Maintaining MIS and keeping data in records effectively
  • Preparing reports with comprehensible interpretations for the Management

Data Analyst skills:

  • You need to be comfortable with Ms. Excel specially vlookup and hlookup
  • Knowledge of rolex uhren Powerpoint
  • Excellent communication skills and presentation aptitude
  • Basic acquaintance with the mathematical concepts and algorithms
  • Strategy relevant aptitude and ability to clean the huge lot of data as per requirement
  • Work closely with other teams like IT, data scientist and management team to achieve the goal

Data Analyst Technical Skills:

  • Skills on programming language like minitab, R programming, Excel would add value
  • It is important to have skills on Regression Analysis and have strong knowledge on statistical analysis, methods and packages like IBM SPSS
  • Machine learning knowledge, working knowledge on Hadoop/Hive and it architechture and MapReduce
  • Skills on visualizing data using any tool and reporting technique
  • Skills like SQL database and database query languages are part of data analyst skills
  • Skills on technical tools like SRSS, Cognos, Business Objects, Tableau, SAS, Matlab, SPSS whichever your company is using

Data Analyst Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Statistics is the basic qualification
  • Master’s degree in any specialization (not mandatory)
  • Data Analyst Certification like, Business Intelligence, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Data mining, Data warehousing etc.

Data Analyst Career and Salary Scope:

Career Scope:

In today’s world when data mining is very important for companies belonging to ecommerce or any kind of breitling watches online trade, data analysts are definitely a big requirement because they can only interpret the huge piles of data and decipher meaning out of it. There is no ambiguity in saying that Data Analysts will continue to be in huge demand.

Salary Scope:

Freshers usually can hope to get a salary around 1,00,000- 3,00,000

If you have an experience between 2-4 years you are eligible to get payout between 4,00,000-7,00,000 depending on your skills and experience

There are usually additional incentives involved.