Graphic Designer Job Description, Roles, Responsibilities and Skills

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A graphic designer is the person who would be able to create a brand image for the company by visualizing the ideas that the company wants to portray through various media and marketing tools to the target audience.

Graphic Designer Job Description:

As a graphic designer, one would be required to meet the needs of the clients in representing their ideas graphically. You will be required to work closely with the Management team, creative team and the project manager along with some bit of client representation wherever required. You should therefore be confident enough to face the clients and appease them with your creativity.

Graphic Designer Responsibilities:

As a graphic designer your main aim is to appease the clientele with your work.

  • You need to meet the goal of making the visual appearance as appealing as possible for the people to decipher the motive behind it.
  • Your work should be meaningful and you should be able to research on desired projects before deciding on the pictures.
  • As a graphic designer you should be patient enough to keep trying for better designs and improving them on client’s or the concerned team’s feedback.
  • There could be multiple revisions which should go good with you and should not be a hindrance in your professional behavior.
  • The graphic designer would also be required to work on deadlines and set priorities amidst various projects.
  • The deliverables should be finished in every aspect and the client’s review would be binding.
  • The ideal candidate should be able to dedicate himself to the work completely and be creative enough to develop new ideas and concepts for the clients and business development.
  • He or she should be a team player who would be able to work in close proximity with the peers from different creative and non-creative cadres like photographers, designers, managers, senior managers and so on.
  • He or she has to have the required aptitude to be able to grow in the organization with the given opportunities.

Graphic Designer Skills:

  • He or she needs to be well versed with all tools required for the job including Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Flash, InDesign, PPT, HTML, Corel Draw, illustrator, Maya, 3dsMax, Animation etc.
  • Creativity and imagination should be at par with the business requirements
  • Needs excellent listening skill to imagine and understand what the client is expecting
  • Knowledge of printing and photography
  • Ability to modify existing creative with trending styles
  • Infographic designing skills and knowledge on online graphic designing tools like Piktochart
  • Skill in free hand sketch to produce rough caricatures are highly important
  • Knowledge on all image, paper sizes are mandatory
  • Knowledge on importing and exporting files from one tool to other to change file format
  • Excellent communication skills and corporate experience is preferred

Common Graphic Designing Profiles:

  • Logo designer
  • Web site designer UI/UX
  • Banner, broacher, Year book, Cover page designer
  • Photo editor
  • Visual designer
  • Animation movie maker
  • Game character, UI/UX designer
  • App designer
  • Graphic designers also show their skills in Interior and fashion designing field

Graphic Designer Qualifications:

  • A suitable degree in graphic design from a reputed institute
  • Knowledge of Flash Animation, Web Designing, Adobe Acrobat, Cascading Style Sheets

Graphic Designer Career and Salary Scope:

Career Scope:

In the world where virtual reality is the latest trend, graphic designers can hope to find good placements with advertisement, IT, Retail, E-commerce, Real Estate and many other industries. They are going to be in huge demand in the coming future.

Salary Scope:

A fresher can be hired at a salary of INR 2,00,000- 3,50,000 while an experienced person could be hired at a package between 6,00,000- 8,00,000 depending on industry exposure.