HR Manager Job Description, roles And Skills

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Human resource is the most indispensable requirement of a business. If there is no human, no one can run any organization. It is imperative to choose the right set of people for an organization to function smoothly and have a long –term run.

Human resource – HR Manager Job Description

A human resource manager holds an important position in an organization as it has to act as the bridge between the top management and the workers. He or she has to be a people’s person as well as management’s favorite to hire and maintain the right kind of people who share the company’s vision and strive towards achieving the goals of the company.

Human Resource – HR Manager Responsibilities

A human resource manager has to have the right kind of mindset which gels with the organization’s goals and is at the same time very conducive to professional development of the employees he hires.

  • A HR manager has to employee people as per the requirements of the different functions of the organization
  • He has to organize the recruitment drives from the various conducive places like campus placements, walk-ins etc.
  • After initial screening of the candidate by junior executives, he has to ensure that the candidate is rightly chosen by taking the final screening round
  • The HR Manager maintains a sense of discipline across the organization
  • He takes care and plans the recruitment of all functions of the organization as per requirement
  • The HR manager looks to have the employee satisfaction through employee surveys etc.
  • The manager has to be very considerate about the employee benefits, maintaining pay structures, and looking after the professional development of the employees
  • Conducting training workshops as per requirement, training the new hires, orienting them to the organization also falls under the responsibilities of the HR Manager
  • Taking care of the evaluation of employees, maintaining appraisal plans etc. is also an important function of the HR Manager
  • Understanding of the compensation benefits, employee relations
  • Understanding the employee retention, Exit interviews, questionnaires for interviewees
  • Employee grievances management also needs to be taken care of with proper attention to employee needs
  • Motivating employees and keeping them in track with the goal of the organization as whole
  • Taking decisions on promotions and developments of the employees at all levels

Human Resource – HR Manager Skills

  • Excellent communication skill is mandatory
  • Negotiation skill will play important part in HR manager’s life
  • Employee handling skill, Should be a perfect bridge between management and employees.
  • High social presence, especially professional channels like linkedin

Human Resource – HR Manager Qualifications

  • Graduation in any Discipline
  • Post-Graduation or MBA in Human Resource (mandatory)
  • Organizational Behavior

Human Resource – HR Manager Career and Salary Scope

Career Scope:

A HR Manager is a very important position which would only be available to someone who has worked for years at a middle level position or even lower position in the human resource department. But once thorough with the job role, one can reach the position and have a prospering career.

 Salary Scope:

A Human Resource Manager can hope to achieve an average of 10,00,000-15,00,000 as salary if you are experienced for 5-10 years. You can hope to achieve even better packages as you go along. The more experienced you are, more responsibilities you need to handle and more is th salary you could expect.