Marketing Manager Job Description, Roles And Skills

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A Marketing Manager is the brain behind the company’s marketing strategy. He or she is the one who is supposed to chalk down the plan and follow the marketing plan to take the company. He or she has to be responsible for one or more products as per the company’s offerings.

Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing Manager is required to promote the product(s) of the company using ATL and BTL mode of advertisements. They create advertising campaigns for the promotion choosing an appropriate mode as per the budget and the requirement.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

A marketing manager is responsible for managing the marketing and advertising needs of the company. Since every company has its own set of conditions, a marketing manager is required to play an important role in branding of the company in its target market.

  • Marketing Manager needs to device the strategy for the company’s product to be marketed targeting the right market
  • Ability to research and find the right attributes to market the product
  • The Marketing Manager needs to be well versed with ATL and BTL techniques of sales promotion
  • He or She has to be aware of the target market of the company keeping in mind the product to be marketed and the demand for the same
  • The marketing manager has to decide on competitive pricing of the company
  • He or she also needs to be aware of the competitor’s strategy about the product in all spheres, like product placement, marketing strategies etc.
  • Keeping track of competition from newcomers, new entrants into the market
  • Maintaining cohesive relations with other functions in the organization
  • Keeping a hold on marketing budget of the company and ability to negotiate it with the management
  • Convincing power to convince the management about something unique that could add value to the company
  • Making projections about the product movement, development and its market cycle

Marketing Manager Skills:

  • Self-motivated and confident
  • Ability to handle pressure and possessing the zeal to perform in spite of hurdles and hindrances
  • Meeting the marketing requirement within budget without going overboard with it
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to make power point presentations
  • Good, confident and competitive spirit
  • Excellent convincing power
  • Ability to deliver results and derive market for a product
  • Compatible nature to work as a team in the organization

Marketing Manager Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • MBA in Marketing (mandatory)

Marketing Manager Career and Salary Scope:

Career Scope:

A Marketing Manager has to have an important position in the organization since the role is about making the product reach the target audience with a convincing campaign. It is considered to be an important position and is definitely a very demanding job.

One has to be very good and convincing to be able to handle this job and its unique responsibilities. The challenges never end for this job as finding the right market for a product is very difficult in itself.

Salary Scope:

Usually people are only hired for this position when they are experienced. Freshers are only hired for junior level door-to-door marketing positions while Marketing Manager surpasses this experience before being hired as one. The average package ranges from 6,00,000-10,00,000 for someone with 5-8 years of experience. Beyond this packages depend on the negotiating powers of the candidate