5 Mandatory Entries For Any Resume


After applying for jobs directly and through employment agencies without success, you begin to question your experience and qualification. While the two elements could be true, it could be something missing from your resume.

You should know that employers begin by eliminating applicants whose resumes do not fit the bill. They give more attention to those that meet a certain criteria. Even with skills and experience, you will be disqualified. There are two major considerations when you are uploading a resume or emailing it directly to a recruiter.

  • It should contain relevant keywords
  • All the information required should be provided upfront

Here are 5 entries that should never miss in your resume:

1Professional Goals

This is a brief on the roles you are searching for. It should be accompanied or capture your experience that has prepared you for this role. This is especially important if you are targeting a change of career or industry, as the UK CV writer The CV Architect explains. For an entry level jobs, this section gives you a lot of mileage.

For instance, you need it when applying for a job as an Administrative Assistant, where office management, record keeping and communication skills are required.