Sales Manager Job Description, Roles, Skills And Salary Range

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Every organization works towards its aim of capturing its customers entirely and they do it with pure zeal. But the people who actually do it and get this clientele are the sales people. Usually hired in great numbers, these sales personnel need to be managed by a Sales Manager who is the actual point of contact for the management of the organization.

Sales Manager Job description:

A sales manager is required to be the bridge between the management, the sales team and the marketing team. He needs to motivate his team to achieve the targets that are decided by the management and given to him. He has to tactfully divide the targets within his team and lead by example to ensure that the targets are met.

Sales Manager Responsibilities:

A Sales Manager is the one who is looked upon as the prime warrior when it comes to meet the targets. He has a unique set of responsibilities which include a lot of important functions.

  • First and foremost important responsibility of a sales manager in any type of organization is to meet his sales target, Then comes other responsibilities
  • He is the one responsible for identifying priorities on sales, It may be either the product for sales or the client or customer
  • Manage his team of sales personnel well with a good reporting system
  • Will be responsible for maintaining data and all set of sales documents for future references and sales growth
  • Sales manager should map target which is achievable and realistic representing management
  • He has to manage and assign individual target for his team understanding team individual ability to meet the organizational target
  • Keeping management in loop about the trends through timely reports
  • Maintaining MIS and keeping data in records effectively
  • He has to direct the growth prospects of his reporting sales personnel
  • Sales manager has an important responsibility of categorizing the potential clients or customers and filter the leads for his company
  • Improving and maintaining successful relationship with the customer is a challenging responsibility of a sales manager
  • Company Branding is also a unique responsibility of a sales manager in any organization
  • Will be solely responsible for sales growth hack for his organization

Sales Manager Skills:

  • Converting leads to sales should be an inbuilt skill for a sales manager
  • Well versed in CRM software like salesforce, Zoho etc as per his organization
  • Problem-solving skill is most necessary
  • You need to be comfortable with Ms. Excel specially vlookup and hlookup
  • Knowledge of Power point and capabilities of making sales presentations to top management and clients
  • Ability to show resilience to unrealistic targets
  • Aptitude to negotiate with the top management on targets and with clients for price
  • Extracting the best of each sales personnel under him through motivation
  • Tracing the growth path for everyone under him
  • Excellent communication skills and presentation aptitude
  • Basic acquaintance with the mathematical skills and concepts and algorithms
  • Be the support system for the sales staff in times of distress
  • Client handling skill should be superior compared with any other
  • Skill on making decision to start the sales pitch right place at the right time
  • Take charge of the relationship maintenance with the distributors etc. in case applicable.
  • Patience to do sales retargeting and follow ups for payments from the clients
  • Ability to handle pressure and possessing the zeal to perform in spite of hurdles and hindrances

Sales Manager Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • MBA in Marketing or any Sales related discipline (usually mandatory)
  • It’s a prior case if candidate is from IIT or IIM

Sales Manager Career and Salary Scope:

Career Scope:

Competition is killing for today’s organizations and they need to maintain and retain their clients intact. A sales manager comes in handy in acquiring new clients and to maintain good client relationships. With more and more clients, it becomes imperative to hire more sales personnel and to manage them; a sales manager is definitely required.

Salary Scope:

Usually sales managers are from experienced profile, But fresher can hope to get a salary around 2,00,000- 4,00,000 on immediate campus placements as a sales manager.

Salary range for a IIT or IIM candidates are unpredictable

A Sales manager can hope to achieve an average of INR 9,00,000 to 15,00,000 P.A as salary if you are experienced for 4-8 years. It goes beyond this at more senior levels of experience.