Top 10 countries with the highest pay for civil engineers

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When we say constructions we refer to buildings, houses, bridges, roads and a long etcetera. A civil engineer can perform in the field or office. The office work has to do with the design or consultation and the field work is the supervision of the works.

Work at office

The profession of Civil Engineer allows working in different fields, the most specific is that of construction, where they develop designs, execute construction and monitor progress.

Work at the field

The other field is that of the office where he directs a team of engineers to supervise various works; where it is ensured that the requirements of safety and good practices are met. In addition, he works on the construction of foundations of large buildings and shopping centers, as well as the creation of drainage networks and drinking water.

A new civil engineer must pass the Engineering Fundamentals exam and must meet other specific requirements for the state in which you work. Those steps will qualify you to work as an engineer in training.

since the beginning of the economic crisis, many professionals have seen their chances of accessing a good job getting diminished; For this reason, there are few who dared to pack their bags to try their luck in another country.

The best-paid countries

According to the data from the Prices and purchasing power report published by the UBS bank, not all countries are equally attractive, monetarily speaking, for graduates in Engineering. These are the 10 that offer the best salary:


Normal yearly pay in US dollars: $77,438

Switzerland is one of the most joyful nations on the planet. Not exclusively does it have a clamoring and developing economy, it is likewise a standout amongst the most picturesque places on the plane.famous for its port for bankers, it pays liberally to different callings too, enabling it to top the rundown of 10 most noteworthy paying nations for civil engineers.